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Who Benefits from Donations to Black Lives Matter- Shocking Information

Black Lives Matter is a recent social movement and protest that started after the police brutally murdered a black man. People held the police responsible for the killing of a black guy based on racism. The video went viral on social media, and many people worldwide started a non-violent protest against the police. This movement protests against racism and violence towards African people and BLM Mission clearly states that. It is unfortunate and shameful to see that police meant to protect the people are involved in racism and brutality. This movement is gaining recognition and popularity because of all the protests and social media platforms promoting black lives matter.

Who Benefits from Donations to Black Lives Matter?

Black lives matter is a movement that has been made to protect the rights of black people. Black people all around the world have been a victim of racism and brutality. They are considered criminals, which is wrong, and this movement was established to protect their rights. To support this movement, many different organizations and NGOs are working to collect donations from different people and make sure it is spent on Black people’s betterment. Many different celebrities are showing their support and are donating vast amounts of money towards BLM movement. The primary question and concern in the minds of many people are who benefits from this movement? The donations being made in favor of this movement have skyrocketed, and people are concerned if the money is even being spent on this matter or not. Many conspiracy theories are going around that political committees are benefiting from this movement. Still, the activists that are working in favor of this made clear that all this money is going to different charitable institutions and not to the Democratic National Committee. It has been made sure that all the gathered money is being sent to various charitable organizations that ensure that black people’s rights are protected.

Donations to Black Lives Matter

A research center conducted a survey, and the results were excellent as the majority of people showed support for this movement. Many celebrities all around the world are promoting and showing their support for black lives matter. Apart from offering support, a website has been made to donate money to show your support for the black lives matter movement. This money will be given to all African people who have been victims of racism and violence. There are many different organizations and NGO’s that are working for this movement. You can donate money to such organizations and NGOs, and they will make sure that the money is spent on the betterment of black people. The black lives matter movement is snowballing, and people donate much money for this cause. Many celebrities showing their support have contributed an enormous sum of money towards this movement because it is time when black people are treated equally, and their rights should be protected at all costs.

How to Build Your Brand with Instagram?

Instagram has become one of the most effective social media applications and platforms to promote business online. Other than that, it is especially beneficial in building a brand. Indeed, social media has become the new medium to market products and services online, and it won’t be wrong to say that Instagram has had its fair share in making online marketing both effective and highly convenient. People can now use different methods to make the most out of Instagram. Since having an optimum number of followers is very important, many sites like SimplyGram are used to gain followers organically.

Chic Home Decorating Ideas

Homes today are seen as a fashionable piece, as homeowners would go to any length to make their homes look stylish. Nothing is more comforting than a home with style. It gives the homeowner a sense of ego and relaxation.

As much as this applies to the entire house, the bedroom is given the most attention because it is a man-hive, an essential space in the house. Most importantly, it accommodates the most critical piece in a home, the “bed.” Half of a man’s life is spent on the bed, so why spare expense where it has to do with sleep.

If you are looking to bring comfort to your bedroom, then you should go for stonewashed linen bedding. This chic home idea was born out of the need for sleeping comfort and style. Stonewashed linen depicts excellent linen that has been pre-washed before use and gives the bedroom a chic look. Here are more chic ideas that would give your home an exceptional beauty:

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